Friday, May 17, 2013

A New Parent's Care Package
With Mother's Day celebrations this past weekend, Father's day on the way, and a friend in my neighborhood giving birth to her 2nd baby girl, let's talk about what to give new parents to celebrate in the birth of their baby or an adoption.

As a new mom, I remember feeling totally overwhelmed with the thought of what to eat, let alone find the time to actually eat anything.  Between the large piles of baby laundry (they go through a lot in the beginning, especially if you have one that spits up a lot), the lack of sleep, housework, and day to day personal hygiene, cooking dinner is the last thing on your mind.

After my first child was born, a colleague sent over a large pan of lasagna and baked chicken from a local restaurant.  We had so much we froze some of it and I was able to eat it for lunch in those following weeks.  Another friend delivered two fully prepared dinners:  ribs, vegetables, salmon with mango salsa, and brown rice.  And yet another friend delivered some pre-made goodies from Whole Foods grocery store.  I appreciated each so much!  To be able to go and grab food when I had a moment to eat was AMAZING!   So if you are thinking about what you can get a new mom AFTER the birth of her baby, bring her food!

Here are some great ideas for feeding new parents along with a link to the recipe for anything I may have already posted.  But if you are too busy yourself to make something homemade, then order from a local restaurant or grocery store.  It is the thought that counts, not whether or not you made it yourself.
Whatever you have time for,  to purchase pre-made or to make at home, your friend will be so THRILLED to have anything to eat in the house.  And when you stop by to drop off the food, don't forget to ask if there is anything you can do to help out while you are there.  I know I will never forget those who took time out of their day to help me out after the birth of each of my children.  It is such a special time, but can be stressful too.  A friendly face and food to fuel your body can be just what a new parent needs!

Happy Cooking!

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