Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week 8- ready to go!

We are in full recovery mode (keeping fingers crossed that the boys stay girl and I have been on the mend since Friday).  I'm getting excited to be back in the kitchen and cook up a storm!  You will find my weekly meal plan below, along with any links to recipe inspirations.  Enjoy your week!

Happy cooking!

Week 8 - February 23, 2014

Sunday: Sautéed chicken breasts, rice pilaf, roasted broccoli

Monday: mustard coated pork medallions, braised greens

Tuesday: spinach-ricotta pasta with prosciutto and asparagus

Wednesday: book club dinner
(Pasta and sauce with Italian sausage for kids)

Thursday: Vegetable orzo soup (I teach my cardio class)

Friday: Pizza night

Saturday: beer marinated grilled Skirt steak, refried beans, rice, guacamole salad and pico da gallo

And here's the link to week 8 from 2013:

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

week 7 - sidetracked

Okay, I had this post ready for you yesterday but then the stomach bug hit our house and I was completely sidetracked.  Below you will find my meal plan for this week as originally planned, but for obvious reasons it may not actually get carried out.  Lots of bland foods, if any, are needed right now.  At least it hit after we celebrated Valentine's day and our baby girl's 2nd birthday!!!

Send me good thoughts...I need them.   Stay warm, safe, and healthy my friends!

Happy cooking!

Week 7 - February 16, 2014

Sunday: Valentine's dinner date night (we had to reschedule because of a snow storm on Saturday)

Monday: Baby girl's birthday dinner out

Tuesday: hotdogs, salad, broccoli and carrots

Wednesday:  Italian sausage with peppers and onions (not sandwiches this time, just on the side) served with pasta and sauce and caesar salad

Thursday: leftovers from the freezer (I teach cardio class during dinner time)

Friday:  chicken vegetable soup

Saturday:  pork carnitas tacos or taco bowls

and here's a link to week 7 from 2013:

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Weeks 4 and 5, 2014

Since I've been MIA, I thought you may want links to the meal plans from weeks 4 & 5 from last year, the first year of the Healthy Home Revolution.  I've done some updating to include links to all the recipes as I made them.  Enjoy!

Week 4, 2013 -

Week 5, 2013 -

Week 4 - Healthy Home Revolution

***this post is from 2013, the first month of the Healthy Home Revolution.  I went to update the links and it re-posted today.  My apologies.***

Week 4!  We have almost completed our first month of life-style changes that will positively impact our health and the health of our families.  Yay!  I'm down a few pounds and feel great.  I hope that you have enjoyed some of the recipes I've shared with you and here comes a few more.

My meal plan for this week - as always, I've included links to the recipes I will be referencing and will post my version of the recipe along with photos on that night or morning after. 

Happy Cooking!!!

Week of January 27, 2013 

Sunday:  Meal Makeover - healthier fish fry: pan-fried panko breaded haddock,
oven-fried steak fries, coleslaw
original recipes:
my versions:

Monday:  Meatless Monday - Greek feast: falafels, tabbouleh, sauteed greens, homemade hummus with veggies
original recipe:
my version:

Tuesday:  Girls Night Out (going out with my girlfriend so no cooking for me tonight)

Wednesday:   Italian Makeover - chicken parmesan meatloaf with whole grain pasta and broccoli
original recipe:
my version:

Thursday:  Crockpot Night - beef with gravy, mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, and brussel sprouts
original recipe:
my version:

Friday:  Pizza Night - I promise some healthy and scrumptious salad recipes to go with your pizza

Saturday:  I'm leaving for Florida this night, so no cooking.  Just traveling with two kids ALONE - so please say a little prayer for their behavior and my sanity.  Thanks!!!
I plan to blog from Florida over the week of February 3rd (yikes - can't believe it's almost February!!!), so we'll see what the future has in store.  Stay-tuned!

week 6 - I'm back!!!

 I apologize for my long absence from posting, but things just got a little crazy.  And like I always say, it comes down to prioritizing.  Unfortunately, this blog is not on the top of the list. ;)

Since the last time I posted, my family went through one cold, flu, or cough and then another.  My  littlest one even came down with an ear infection from all the cooties.  Luckily we got through it all and were on the mend before our vacation.  My husband had a business trip to Dubai at the end of January.  I always seek help from my parents when my husband travels, but this time it was different.  They recently retired and became snow birds.  That means that we are blessed enough to travel to Florida to visit...and that is just what we did.  Nothing like curing the winter blues with 10 days in warm South Florida, soaking up the sun, swimming with the kids, and playing at the beach.  I forgot about the world and anything else.  (Hence my disappearance from the cyber-world). 

We just got back this past weekend and have been busy getting the kids back into their routines at home, unpacking, doing the laundry, and enjoying each others company.  Now that I've taken the time to stock up the refrigerator for this week, I can finally plan and share with you.

Below you will find my weekly meal plan - nothing fancy, just some basics to get us through a busy week of adjustments.   I also hope to post some more recipes this week, so stay tuned!

Happy Cooking!

Week 6 - February 9, 2014

Sunday: Take-out (just back from vacation)

Monday: grilled ham & cheese, tomato soup (box from Trader Joe's), sautéed spinach

Tuesday: taco soup with cheese quesadilla dippers

Wednesday: beef & broccoli, rice

Thursday: Leftovers from freezer (I teach my cardio class)

Friday: Valentine's Day
Steak, potatoes, Brussel sprouts, Caesar salad

Saturday: date night

And for those of you looking for more options, here is a link to Week 6 from 2013