Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week 37 - finding our new normal and a healthy balance

I was looking back at my new recipes over the summer and realized for the first time how absent I was from the kitchen in the months of June & August.  I've mentioned this before, but as life gets hectic its harder to make cooking a priority.  My family's needs and my sanity most definitely take precedent over my blog.   And on top of that, the heat this summer was KILLER!  And I'm sure that also played a roll.  So as I look over the past 9 months, you can really see how our life has ebbed and flowed.

This has been such an interesting journey so far, this blogging life.  And I hope you continue to join me week to week as we explore new recipes in an effort to eat healthy food that is insanely delicious.

Below you will find my menu plan.  We are working on finding our new normal for this semester and along the way, finding a new healthy life, work, play balance.  So as I figure that out, as always, I'll post more recipes and fitness ideas throughout the week. Have a great week!

Happy Cooking!

Week 37- September 15, 2013

Sunday: football extravaganza- hotdogs, pizza bagels, buffalo style roasted cauliflower, Mediterranean 7-layer dip, veggies & yogurt ranch dip

Monday: crockpot mac n cheese, broccoli, salad

Tuesday: ground beef enchiladas, rice & beans for kids

Wednesday: girls night out

Thursday: my son's school potluck dinner - I'll be making pasta with mini-turkey meatballs

Friday: pizza night

Saturday: beer braised short ribs, glazed carrots, celery root purée, sautéed greens

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