Saturday, July 20, 2013

Week 29 - one more week till vacation!

Another week of grilling and chillin'!  I've been searching on Pinterest for some great summer meal ideas.  Next week we'll be on vacation with my extended family on the Cape, so you won't hear much from me.  And this week, I don't want to do any major grocery shopping and be stuck with a fridge full of food while we are gone.  So below you will find a simple weekly meal plan of salads, sides, and grilled meats to satisfy our foodie palate without making the week too complicated.  You'll notice that as the week comes to an end, we will be eating more leftovers and cooking less at home in preparation of our departure Saturday.

Happy Cooking!

Week 29 - July, 21, 2013
Sunday - leftovers

Monday - shrimp tacos (on the grill), guacamole salad, brown rice & beans (the kids LOVE these)

Tuesday - marinated grilled chicken breasts, lemon herb & feta quinoa chickpea salad

Wednesday - grilled skirt steak, grilled potato slices, grilled asparagus, tomato salad

Thursday - leftovers

Friday - pizza night

Saturday - heading on vacation!!!  

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