Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 17 - turbo support

This week I'm going into full Healthy Revolution mode: less take-out, more homemade cooking.  I'm doing all of this to support my hubby who expressed his desire to "get serious" and loose some weight. I've offered my assistance in the way of meal planning and prep to help him stay on track.  I've also offered my advice on fitness and exercise, although he's not quite ready to take me on as a personal trainer.

Here is my recommendation for him (a 6'2" man, built like a football player) for a simple eating plan for the week:

  • Breakfast: my recipe for a cleansing smoothie, 1 slice of sprouted whole grain bread with 2 T of natural peanut butter
  • Morning Snack:  high fiber, high protein, low sugar granola bar (we like Trader Joe's Peanut Butter and Chocolate high fiber bar).  This is the perfect snack for him to grab and eat while he's in between meetings.
  • Lunch:  a pre-packaged salad with protein that is 500 calories or less, with the dressing.  This is to control fat, calories, and sugar by being able to refer to the calorie count on the package.  Trader Joe's has great, affordable, pre-packaged salads (some are even cheaper than I could make it at home).
  • Afternoon Snack:  greek yogurt (0% fat) and 1 piece of fruit, such as an apple or orange (low-glycemic value)
  • Dinner: refer to my meal plan below
Below is my weekly meal plan for dinner, taking into account my husband's travel schedule.  I'm trying out several new recipes this week that fall right into the Healthy Home Revolution model.  I will post the recipes for them as the week proceeds.  Enjoy your week!

Happy Cooking!

Week 17: April 27, 2014

Sunday:  Lemon, Mustard and Honey Roasted Chicken with roasted potatoes and green salad

Monday:  (husband is traveling) Eating up healthy leftovers in the freezer

Tuesday:  low-calorie Mexican Casserole with a cherry tomato and avocado salad

Wednesday:  terriyaki glazed salmon with siracha sauce, brown rice, edamame, and broccoli

Thursday:  (husband has a work event)  Eating leftovers

Friday: Pizza night

Saturday: Skinny Greek Stuffed Chicken with roasted asparagus and salad

And since I didn't post a meal plan for last week, here's the link for week 16 and week 17 of the 1st year of the Healthy Home Revolution:

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