Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 16 - Sweet Simplicity

Last week was a long week, not just because of the Boston Marathon bombings and the days that followed, but because it was school vacation week and my baby girl was teething.  The boy is back in school this week, but baby girl continues to be very needy (hopefully its only teething and not another ear infection) and my husband is working long hours.  I'm looking for simple meals to get me through this week. 

My fitness routine has changed slightly - I've began to include the following strength workouts to compliments any other kickboxing or running/walking I'm able to fit in with my children.  I've been finding all of these workouts at Peanut Butter Fingers...awesome routines on her blog!!!
 - This one will work your whole body:
 - Another great full body workout with cardio mixed in:

 - This one includes cardio and strength that targets your abs:

- And this final routine is for your arms only.  I add it on to the end of a cardio session (after I run/walk, bike, or at the end of the cardio routine listed in the next section of this post):|workout|tonearms|11-06-12

I always warm up before and stretch after.  And I'm still exercising every day, fitting it in anyway I can (taking baby girl for a walk/run in the stroller, exercising with the kids, taking them to the tennis courts and chasing tennis balls around...anything to get to 30-40 minutes a day).   And here's a quick 10 minute cardio routine that you can do while you are having a dance party with the kids:

Back to week 16 meals:  You'll find my weekly meal plan below along with any links that inspired me.  Remember that you can substitute any vegetables for ones that you love, but always have vegetables be at least half your plate at lunch and dinner.  You'll feel more full for very few calories.  Have a fantastic week!

Happy Cooking!

 Week 16: April 21, 2013

Sunday: date night

Monday: store- bought ravioli (on sale at my local grocery store) tossed with a little olive oil, garlic, sauteed mushrooms and spinach.  Served with roasted asparagus.

Tuesday:  skinny white chicken enchiladas with sauteed greens

Wednesday: crockpot BBQ ribs, skinny dill potato salad, roasted broccoli  (all original recipes that I will post)

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: pizza night

Saturday: roasted chicken, couscous, salad (chickens are on sale AGAIN, so why not take advantage?)

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