Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Loving life, right where you are

I had a personal goal today of writing a post about my delicious dinner last night. Instead, as I type this out with my thumb on my iPhone, my baby girl is asleep on my left arm. She's peaceful and snoring, and since she's fighting a double ear infection, I am happy to oblige. I would do just about anything to help her sleep right now. Does it mean that the dishes have to stay dirty in the sink a while longer? Yes. The toys won't be picked up? The laundry remain on the basement floor waiting to be washed? Yes and yes. But I'm meeting life where it is TODAY. And every day looks different. Nothing stays the same for very long and soon this baby girl will be too big to sleep in my arms. So that recipe post will have to wait another day. I have snuggling to do.

Happy living,

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