Saturday, November 23, 2013

Steak Fajitas

These are AMAZING!!!!  If you like fajitas, especially those served at some chain-restaurants, then you must try these.  They are so easy to make and SOOOOOO much better tasting.  You will be impressed by the complex flavors and the massive amount that this recipe makes.  This can easily serve for 6-8 people.  The leftovers make an amazing fajita salad too.  Delicious!  If you own a cast-iron pan, then definitely use it.  Otherwise, use the heaviest pan you have or a grill pan (often heavy duty).  I hope that your fajita loving family enjoys this recipe as much as we do!

Happy Cooking!
Steak Fajitas
based on the recipe from
2 lbs of beef flank steak
1/2 cup olive oil
3 T worcestershire sauce
1/3 cup freshly squeezed lime juice
3 cloves of garlic, minced
1 T cumin
1 T chili powder
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 T sugar
2-3 cups of assorted bell peppers, sliced (I used 1 red, 1 orange, and some yellowish green peppers I had frozen from the summer)
2 medium onions, halved and sliced
olive oil for frying peppers and onions
flour tortillas, warmed (I used whole wheat tortillas)
assorted toppings, such as shredded cheese, sliced avocado, cilantro, salsa, and/or sour cream
    In a bowl or large liquid measuring cup, mix together olive oil, worcestershire, lime juice, garlic, cumin, chili powder, red pepper flakes, salt, pepper, and sugar until combined.

    You will use half the marinade for the steak, the other half for the vegetables. In one large dish, place the flank steak and cover it with half the marinade, turning it over to coat.

    In a second dish or bowl, place all the veggies and the rest of the marinade, turning to coat. Cover the dishes with plastic wrap and place in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

    Heat a heavy skillet over medium-high heat and drizzle in some oil. Add the veggies and cook them for 15-30 minutes, until they're cooked through, nicely caramelized and have nice black/brown pieces.  This will make your house smell heavenly!  I couldn't wait for dinner to be ready!!!

    In the meantime, you can begin grilling your steak.  Grill the steak on your outdoor grill over medium-high heat for about 5-7 minutes on each side for medium rare, depending on how thick your steak is.  (If you would like to cook it indoors, you can heat the same same skillet (or a grill pan if you have it) over high heat and drizzle some oil. Cook the meat for about 2 minutes per side until medium rare).  Remove the steak from the heat and allow it to rest on a cutting board for 10 minutes.

    Slice the meat right before serving - be sure to cut the meat against the grain, as I tried to demonstrate in the first picture below.  I actually cut each piece of steak in half, then turned it and cut against the grain.  Cutting against the grain insures a tender piece of meat.

    Serve on a tortilla (I used whole wheat) with all your favorite fixings.  Enjoy!!!

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