Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Last Minute Meals

My husband often works late, missing dinner at home with the rest of us.  On those nights I have an important decision to make:  to cook or not to cook?  My kids would be happy with whatever, but I love to eat and I love to eat GOOD food.  Not cereal for dinner and stuff.  Don't get me wrong, I love breakfast for dinner, but something other than cereal.  Eggs, pancakes, french toast...and last night was meatless Monday besides.

My fridge was void of fresh vegetables, fruits, and the usual staples.  We just got back from Florida yesterday and I was still in recovery mode, trying to get the kids adjusted and back to napping regularly.  So grocery shopping just didn't happen.  I was stuck with what ever I could find.  Thank goodness I had somethings - 3 eggs, some milk, lots of frozen fruit, a few frozen veggies, tortillas, cheese, and salsa.  This sounded like a promising meal.  Not enough eggs for everyone, but enough for me.  The kids love cheese quesadillas, so that would do just fine.  And fruit smoothies- always a hit!  I usually use yogurt, but some kefir (a fermented yogurt drink full of probiotics that I swear by), orange juice, and milk would do just fine.  Add in lots of frozen fruit and then it becomes an exciting treat my toddler can't wait to eat up!  I always say, "Isn't it the yummiest smoothie we ever made?  It tastes like icecream."  Then he smiles and agrees.  Works every time.  I ask him what color we should make it and add whatever fruit will make it that color.  Tonight it was purple - lots of mixed berries.  For me?  A 3 egg scramble with onions, peppers, spinach, and salsa.  All the veggies came out of the freezer and it couldn't have been easier. 

Sometimes we just need to get a little creative with what we have and go from there.  Keeping some basics in the fridge and freezer helps, and you can create a delicious and healthy meal in minutes.  (I think it took me 5 minutes to make everything!)

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