Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Eat Real Food

This is my plea to you: cut out most (or all) of the processed foods in your diet. They do nothing good for us! Please!!! Try to eat mostly things that can be hunted or gathered, grown in the ground, or raised on a farm. That is where you will find the most nutrients.

And yes - Organic really is best and the only way you can ensure that harmful hormones and chemicals stay out of your food. I know this is sometimes more expensive, but not always! Stock up when things are on sale or find them at your local wholesale store. And try to purchase fruits and vegetables that are seasonal - they tend to be cheaper, even the organic version of them. I've found organic seasonal produce for much better prices and sometimes even cheaper than conventional.

Stop buying pre-made things in a box, can, or freezer section. Hamburger helper is helping no one! Cook and bake more things from scratch, they don't have to be complicated, and many easy recipes can be found right here or online at other great sites.

Read labels! Know what you are putting inside your body. Do the research and purchase whole foods most if the time.

Do all of these things for your health and the health of your families.

Please read the article posted below. If anything can convince you, this will.

Happy HOME cooking,


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