Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 19 & 20 - juggling life

Juggling life - I know many of you are masters at this.  I believe this is a craft that we are constantly perfecting, and just as we think we have it down, life throws a curve ball and we are thrown for a loop. These times can be stressful, but its how we handle the extra stress that determines how it all shakes out.

I'll be totally honest:  sometimes I deal with things much better than other times and I'm not really sure what the contributing factor is.   I do know that staying positive, eating healthy, and exercising daily helps me out significantly.  When I'm stressed out, all I want to do is eat greasy, salty foods but this ultimately makes me feel worse and hinders my energy levels.  I know that my body needs proper fuel to run at the level I need it too during busy times.  And the exercise helps me get the extra anxiety out. What do you do during stressful times?  How do you cope?  Do you have constructive outlets?

Week 19 was definitely a week for juggling things.  Before I go into detail on the power of positivity, I'm going to take a moment to vent (aka complain) about my first-world problems.  It's all relative, right?

Venting...I'm always spoiled when my parents are visiting - we have many date nights, lots of extra help with the children, and wonderful conversations about life.  We are always sad to see them go, and the week that follows usual requires an adjustment, mostly on my part.  This time was a HUGE adjustment for all of us.  My toddler girl is finally old enough (2 years, 3 months) to notice they aren't here anymore...she even wakes up asking for them and verbalizes her feelings.  Mid - May also means college graduation and year-end celebrations for my husband...this means long hours for him at work, most nights we are all asleep before he's home.  We missed our daddy/husband this last week and that always makes the days super long.  To add to our usual day to day, I decided to volunteer for a few things at my son's preschool...what was I thinking?  I am now actively involved in the search process for new teachers, observing lessons and interviewing potential candidates as a parent representative on the search committee.  These last few weeks of May will be crammed with these interviews.  I am LOVING IT, but the time it takes to do this means less time to do all the other things.  And lastly, allergies anyone???  I mean HOLY allergies!!!  This season has been awful!  Not just for me, but for my 4 1/2 year old son too.  I mean I feel horrible and he seems to have it worse than me.  It's so hard to watch him suffer!  And to top it all off, I came down with a butt kicking cold that is now making it's way around the family.  Awesomeness...what's that expression?  When it rains it pours???  Yes, well enough about that.

The power of positivity...I may need to take a moment to vent about things in my life that may make it harder to juggle things and maintain a base level of sanity, (my base level of sanity), but I never stop being grateful for everything our life has blessed us with.  We are busy and stressed because of blessings.  But most importantly, we are all healthy (mostly), strong, happy, and balanced individuals.  When the day ends, I might be exhausted, but I feel surrounded by love and I am grateful for the things that keep me on my toes.  As I mentioned earlier, it's all about perspective.  Take a moment for yourself, a moment to figure out how to maintain your sanity.  It's easy to put your needs aside, but you can't do that forever without going crazy.  What do you need?  What does your relationship with your kids need?  How about your marriage?   Life it crazy - no doubt.  It's a roller-coaster of ups and downs so figure out what you need to come out on top on the other side.  It looks different for each of us - what works for me and mine may not for you.  Prioritize your life, stay positive, be grateful, and take the time to vent every now and then.

Due to my own sanity, there is no weekly meal plan for this coming week, week 20.  I will include links to weeks 19 and 20 from last year to give you some ideas should you need some.

So here's to a week of positivity and making it out on the other side relatively sane.  I gotta go blow my nose.


From the first year of the Healthy Home Revolution:
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