Tuesday, January 14, 2014

7-ingredient cleanse

My mother is always giving me her magazines, usually months after she received them since we only see each other every 2 months or so (we live in different states).  At thanksgiving she brought me the June 2013 edition of Vegetarian Times.  I'm always looking for good meatless inspiration for the week and in my search I came across an article about the 7-ingredient cleanse.  I searched all over the Vegetarian Times website, but could not find the link or anything on this cleanse, so I'm trying to give you most of the information in this post.  It's a 3 day detox focusing on these 7 ingredients:  broccoli, beets, spinach, blueberries, avocado, lentils, and almonds.

Why these 7?  Here are a few reasons to load up on these detoxing goodies:
Broccoli - member of the cruciferous vegetable family (along with kale, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage); helps to regulate toxin removal in the cells;  full of antioxidants that help counteract oxidative stress in the body

Beets (and beet greens)- full of betalains, potent antioxitants that tout anti-aging benefits, reduce inflammation, and rid the body of harmful toxins; the greens are chock full of vitamins and minerals including beta-carotene

Spinach- helps to balance pH levels and prevent disease; contains more than a dozen disease-fighting antioxidants called flavonoids

Blueberries- linked to brain-boosting power and heart health; lower amount of natural sugar when compared to other fruits

Avocado- excellent source of monounsaturated fat, which reduces your LDL cholesterol and helps to raise your HDL cholesterol; contains many anti-inflamatory nutrients, including omega 3's, antioxidants, and phytosterols; a fiber superstar, packing up to nearly 10 grams per cup

Lentils- rich in protein and soluable fiber, which helps you to stay fuller longer by stabilizing your blood sugar; one of the easiest proteins for your liver to digest

Almonds (raw, skin on)- high in vitamin E, which helps fight inflammation; almond skin contains disease-fighting, immune-boosting flavonoids; great fiber-protein

While these 7 are the main ingredients of your meals/snacks, others are used in the recipes as well.  You can use the recipes they included, or make up some of your own using those 7 ingredients as the star.  Just remember what NOT to eat:  no dairy and eggs, no gluten, no coffee, no alcohol, no added sugar (raw honey is Okay), and no processed foods.

The article continued to suggest what you might eat throughout the day, (recipes included and I posted the links below).  For breakfast you can eat a blueberry beet smoothie; for snack you can indulge in raw almonds, apples, beet and lentil hummus with carrots and celery, or another smoothie; and for lunch and/or dinner you can eat honey-mustard broccoli salad with lentils, broccoli stir-fry with ginger-avocado sauce, and black lentil borscht. 

Here are the suggested recipes from the article.  I will post on these more as the week continues, and I provided pictures of the ones I've made so far. 

Beet and Lentil Hummus
Blueberry-Beet Smoothie

Honey-Mustard Broccoli Salad with Lentils
Broccoli Stir-Fry with Ginger-Avocado Sauce
Black Lentil Borscht

So if you are looking for a great way to rid your body of some toxins without starving yourself, this is the cleanse to try.  I'll write a post at the end of this week discussing my over all thoughts. 

Happy Cleansing!

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  1. If you can access the EBSCOhost through your public library online the entire article is there in a downloadable PDF:
    The 7-Ingredient Cleanse