Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 week 2

Hi Friends!  Sorry I'm a day late, but we have exciting things happening over here!!!  Prepping for a 3-day 7-ingredient cleanse, trying out new incentives for good behavior with the kiddos, new bedtime routines (thanks to newly eliminated naps), new healthy habits (more like re-enforced and re-introduced) and a week of getting adjusted to being back at work/school/home etc. 

All of these things will be future post, I'm sure of it.   In the meantime, I won't leave you hanging this week.  Below you will find my plan this week and a link to week 2 from last year for some more meal ideas.

But before I go, I do want to share a few of my healthy habits I'm re-instating this week.  First, I have changed my fitness routine.   I have always kept things moving and grooving, working out 6 days a week.  I did insanity through the entire month of December but found myself getting a little bored with that this past week.  And my muscles weren't sore enough - you know, that pain you feel after a tough workout?  I'm not sure it was challenging my muscle groups in the same way anymore.   So here is my new weekly fitness plan in case you are looking for some ideas:

Monday: my day off

Tuesday:  Insanity DVD (the plyometric circuit workout)

Wednesday:  Biggest Loser Super Sculpt DVD  

Thursday: Insanity DVD (pure cardio)

Friday:  yoga DVD

Saturday:  my own tabata and strength workout (using 2-3 rounds of tabata intervals, a 20-30 minute strength workout with free weights and kettle bells, and some ab exercises).

Sunday: Tao-Bo Cardio Bootcamp DVD with resistance bands

Other healthy habits I have started this week is to limit my coffee to the morning only.  If I feel I need caffeine after lunch, then I make myself some tea.  I am also making an effort to drink more decaffeinated teas in the late afternoon evening for antioxidant benefits.

We have also invested in a Ninja blender system in an attempt to make more smothies/juices since our old blender wasn't doing the job.  This thing is awesome!!!  It pulverizes everything - from raw carrots & celery, to the seeds in all the berries.  My kids are loving it too!  My son is ASKING to put kale in his smoothie!  Say what???  And I love the fact that all the nutrients from the pulp and skin are still in my drink (unlike a traditional juicer).   Here's a picture of my son's latest invention:  frozen pineapple and mango with fresh banana and carrots.  Delish!

Lastly, I am making a pitcher of water infused with flavors, such as lemon, cucumber and mint.  So delicious, encourages me to drink more, helps me fight off the munchies, and it is also full of health benefits including aiding in digestion and fighting against bloating.  So cheers to that!

Have a fantastic week!

Healthy Home 2014:  week 2
Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday: Chicken Meatball, spinach & mushroom calzone

Monday: 7-ingredient cleanse meal

Tuesday: 7-ingredient cleanse meal

Wednesday: 7-ingredient cleanse meal

Thursday: using up leftovers in freezer

Friday: homemade pizza night

Saturday: date night

And last year's week 2 recipes:

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