Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week 42 - living in the moment

My husband and I were lucky enough to see Mandy Patinkin in concert last night (currently stars as Saul in Homeland on Showtime). At one point in the show, he commented on how young people get so caught up in taking pictures with their phones, or updated their Facebook statuses, that they forget to live in the moment. As he put it, "living through the phone", is something I am guilty of myself.

Having the world at your finger tips, literally, is addicting. The Internet, social media, Pinterest, online newspapers and magazines - you could spend your day on your phone or "plugged in" in some way. So I'm going to make a pledge to myself for the week - only using my phone when absolutely necessary and restricting FB to once a day. It's a little social experiment of my own. We could probably all use some time that is totally unplugged.

Below you will find this weeks meal plan. It's another busy one, so not much time for new recipes, but hopefully I will be able to carve out some time to post the 6 recipes I have waiting to share with you all.

Happy cooking!!!

Week 42 - October 20, 2013

Sunday: dinner at a friend's house

Monday: quinoa tabbouleh salad, falafel lettuce wraps

Tuesday: crockpot lemon chicken, farro, sautéed spinach

Wednesday: book club dinner out (make the kids baked pizza pasta)

Thursday: leftovers (I teach 5-6pm)

Friday: pizza night

Saturday: visiting with family

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