Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week 41 - survival

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!!!   We enjoyed ours and filled the beautiful fall days with trips to the pumpkin patch, collecting leaves, making apple cinnamon muffins from the apples we picked at the apple orchard, and spending time with friends and family.  Fall is probably my favorite season and it is slowly becoming my kids' favorite too!

Not the over-share, but lately I've been feeling very tired and overwhelmed.  I haven't been sleeping well and the baby girl (now a toddler really) is SUCH a handful.  I can't take my eyes off her!  She's into everything and it's very difficult to get things done unless she's sleeping.  And there lies the rub...she hates to sleep.  So I'm giving myself a little break from planning elaborate meals (not that I have recently anyway due to this very fact).  

I'm keeping things simple again.  Of course I didn't want to keep any followers hanging, so below you will find the bare-minimum plans of mine.  I wish you all a wonderful week!

Happy Cooking!

Week 41 - October 13, 2013

Sunday:  take-out of some sort for football games

Monday:  dairy-free creamy vegetable soup with wild rice (the recipe I failed to make last week)

Tuesday:  ham, egg, and cheese sandwiches with fruit and simple green salad

Wednesday: spaghetti and meatballs, caesar salad

Thursday: leftovers (teaching class)

Friday:  pizza night - homemade pizza bagels

 Saturday:  crockpot pork carnitas tacos

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