Thursday, June 20, 2013

Week 24 and 25

So week 24 kind of disappeared in the madness. My previous post explained a bit about my recent lack of activity. Aside from that, my husband just got back from a week long business trip and he leaves again later this week for another 5 days. Yuck!

This week, week 25, you'll see some new recipes and a few repeats. As always, I have posted any accompanying link to the recipes and will post more as the week progresses (and life permits). Some recipes I'll be making up as I go along.

And now I have 12 recipes pending a post!!! I'll find a way to catch up somehow. Until then, enjoy the first full week of summer!!!

Happy Cooking!

Week 25: June 23, 2013

Sunday: date night

Monday: grilled haddock with vegetables and arugula salad

Tuesday: crockpot pork carnitas, rice & beans, guacamole salad

Wednesday: grilled skirt steak, farro, grilled asparagus

Thursday: crockpot turkey meatballs & pasta, salad

Friday: pizza night

Saturday: girls night out

And one more thing: below is a photo of my lemon mint ice water. I LOVE flavored water in the summer made with fresh ingredients! So many possibilities, totally delicious, and a great way to drink more water. Enjoy your week!

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