Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 23 - summer sanity

Wondering what to do with the kids this summer?  Here's how I plan to stay sane...

Summer is in full swing son had his last day of school on Wednesday and we're having lots of fun during the day.  The days are really fun, but really LONG.  So with both kids home, its important to have some structure and some built in down-time for everyone.

Yesterday, I sat down with my oldest to make a list of what HE wanted to do this summer:  indoor and out door activities, some daily learning activities, and an agreed upon limit to screen time.  We also came up with a list of family rules, all rules that he came up with himself with a little re-wording from me.   These rules are my attempt to maintain my sanity as much as possible...both kids home all day usual means more disagreements.  Not sure if it will do anything, but it makes me feel better and satisfies the inner-teacher in me.  We hung up our summer bucket lists, plans, and rules in the playroom:

It's also important to both myself and my husband to have some of our own down time, both together and on our own.  I need some time without the kids - I love them dearly, but I'm a better mom and person if I have a little time to myself.  This looks different for everyone, but for us it means to prioritize a date night - preferably once a week.  This night rotates depending on the week and our activities for that week, but it means we will always have some kid free time to re-connect.  We have also chosen to reserve Wednesday for kid-free  fun with friends.  I'm going to be taking a self-defense class and my hubby will be playing tennis.  I'm very excited to start!

Summer also means I no longer want to turn my oven on.  I start to get creative with salads and the grill.  Below you will find my meal plan for this week and a link to week 23 from last year.  Have a fantastic week!

Happy Cooking!
Week 23 - June 8, 2014

Sunday:  chopped salad, lentil salad with peas and mint, lemony confetti pasta salad (Meatless night)

Monday:  grilled chicken breasts and thighs, leftover salads from Sunday night

Tuesday:  BLTs and baby lettuce salad with beets and blue cheese

Wednesday:  leftovers or takeout

Thursday:  date night

Friday:  pizza night and my family visiting

Saturday:  grilling out with my family

Week 23 from Healthy Home Revolution 2013 (nothing fancy on this menu)

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