Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Working on my fitness

I had a fantastic and much needed dinner out with a good friend of mine.  Sometimes you just need some girlfriend time to make you feel refreshed and renewed.  But since I went out, I have no new recipes for you tonight.  How about some more workout ideas??? 

Here are a few links to some great at-home workouts to get your fitness on.

Happy fitness!

A 20 minute, total body workout in 8 moves from Women's Health Magazine.
(some equipment is needed, but you can improvise and make it work without)

A great cardio workout in as little as 10 minutes.  Go through it more than once to increase your total time or add on another workout.

And I LOVE this one!  A circuit training workout for each major muscle group.  Again, another quick one, but you can go through it twice or add on another workout to make it longer.

To round things out, some great ab moves.

And next week, I promise a workout or two for those pregnant women out there!  It's good to stay active during your pregnancy, but there are a few important things to remember:  stay hydrated, modify the moves so that they don't put extra pressure on your joints, no twisting your abs, no laying on your back, use great caution when balancing on one leg, use lighter weights than usual, and others I'm sure I'm forgetting.  Stay tuned for more pre-natal tip and exercises.  Until next time!

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