Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cold weather = indoor exercise

Between the cold front moving through this week and the occasional snow fall, living in New England during the winter means exercising indoors sometimes. 

I can walk or run in 35 or 40 degrees, but 20? Or 10 with a wind chill of -6???  No thanks. Baby girl doesn't need that either. So I used my group exercise teaching experience and created a couple cardio workouts to do at home, any time. Today I share them with you.

As always, please consult a doctor before beginning any new fitness routine. Warm up your body for about 5 min by marching in place, arm circles, step touch, grapevines, and other low impact movements.  If your workout includes some kickboxing (which a few below do), then also warm up with a few easy punches and kicks. Towards the end of your warm-up, throw in some jumping jacks for good measure.

Happy fitness!!!

Cardio Workout #1: this entire workout (with warm-up) should take you about 40-45 min
10 min on a bike, treadmill, or elliptical machine
20 jumping jacks
30 jumping jacks
20 squats
15 forward lunges on each side (15 with right leg forward, 15 with left leg)
15 burpees
20 push ups
20 tricep dips
30 sec jump rope
20 pliƩ squats
15 side lunges (15 on right side, 15 on left side)
10 more min on bike, treadmill, or elliptical
Abs: 30 each crunches, v-sit ups, Russian twists
5 min Stretching

Cardio Workout #2:  30 minutes of cross training with 3 different 10 min workouts.  Do them in any order, or do only 1 or 2 if you are in a pinch for time.  10 minutes is better than nothing!

The Stair-Climber - use any staircase to complete this, 12-15 steps is ideal.  You'll also need a stop watch to keep track of the time.
 1) Walk up and down the stairs for 2 min
 2) Walk up 2 steps at a time (AKA skipping a step), kicking the opposite leg back squeezing your bum.  Walk back down.  Do this for 1 min
 3) Run up, walk down for 1 min
 4) Face to the right, place your left foot on the first step, raising your right leg out to the side and lowering to the same step.  Repeat to the top and walk down for 1 minute.
 5)To the same but facing left for 1 min.
 6) Run up the steps 2 at a time and walk down for 1 min.
 7) repeat #2 & 3
 8) walk up and down for 1 min

The total-body no weights needed workout - you'll need a stop watch to keep track of time.
 1) Jog or march in place for 30 seconds while circling your arms overhead and down.
 2) Plie Jump - with feet wider than shoulder width apart, do a plie squat.  Then pulse three times and on the third pulse, jump up in the air.  Bend knees into a plie squat again as you land.  Repeat for 1
 3) 1 min of jogging or marching
 4) Alternating front lunges for 45 seconds, then do 15 sec of jumping lunges.  Be sure to land with knee over ankle, not beyond it.  Use your arms to help give you momentum.
 5) 1 min of jumping jacks
 6) 1 min of squat thrusts
 7) 1 min of marching or jogging
 8) 1 min of mountain climbers
 9) 1 min of jump rope
10) 1 min of marching or jogging
Repeat if you want to create a 20 or 30 minute workout.

Kickboxing- you'll need a stop watch again.
 1) 10 small arm circles forward, 10 small arm circles backward, 10 small squats, 10 front punches (10 each arm), 10 knee lifts (10 each side)
 2) jump rope for 1 min
 3) Begin in boxer's stance with right side facing forward.  Jab right and left cross (punch with your right arm, then punch across your body with your left arm, pivoting on your left foot).  Do twice, jump to face the opposite direction, and repeat with left jab, right cross.  Repeat punching and jumping sequence for 1 min.
 4) Right kick forward, left kick backward for 30 seconds.  Then switch, left kick forward, right kick backward for 30 seconds.
 5) Squats for 1 min
 6) repeat #2-5
 7) 1 min jumping jacks

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